Best business to start with little money in Kenya


If you have little money in Kenya, say Ksh 1,000 to Ksh 1 million, there are businesses you can start in Kenya. The best business to start is one that requires little capital but generates high profits.

A business like grocery shop may not need a lot of money, only a capital of less than Ksh20, 000 but it will eventually bring good returns. There are individuals making over Ksh 20,000 everyday from grocery business.

Here is a list of business to start with little capital in Kenya:

  1. Grocery shop
  2. Become a YouTuber
  3. Become a blogger
  4. Wines and Spirits shop
  5. Barber shop
  6. Salon
  7. Sell bottled water
  8. Butchery business
  9. Cereals business
  10. Online taxi business
  11. Shylock business
  12. PlayStation business
  13. Sell kienyeji chicken
  14. Small restaurant
  15. Fast food restaurant
  16. Shoe shining business
  17. Selling honey online
  18. e-commerce shop
  19. Sell products on social media
  20. Sell home-made peanut butter
  21. Shuttle business
  22. Mitumba business
  23. Hawking
  24. Buy and sell old products like chairs, electronics and tables
  25. Web design services
  26. Web hosting services
  27. Buy and sell domain names
  28. Selling kitchen utensils
  29. Offering home cleaning services
  30. Car wash business
  31. Landscaping business
  32. Poultry farming
  33. Academic writing services
  34. CV and cover letter writing
  35. Selling scrap metals
  36. Offer online marketing services
  37. Manicure and pedicure business
  38. Offer massage services
  39. Hardware business
  40. Cosmetics business
  41. Electronics shop
  42. Selling electrical equipment
  43. Car wash business
  44. Milk ATM business
  45. Dairy farming
  46. Offer catering services
  47. Build rental property
  48. Run a chemist
  49. Cake baking business
  50. Printing/photocopy and scanning business near a school
  51. Start a day care business.
  52. Sell mutura
  53. Sell mandazi and chapatti
  54. Sell sausages, samosa  and boiled eggs
  55. Sell perfumes
  56. Start online TV
  57. Start online Radio
  58. Start a timber yard
  59. Start a garage
  60. Offer dating services online
  61. Sell gas
  62. Start a petrol station
  63. Sell building materials
  64. Brick making business
  65. Posh mill business
  66. Sell smartphones
  67. Smartphone repair business
  68. Offer affiliate marketing
  69. Sell betting tips
  70. Sell courses and reading material online.
  71. Agrovet
  72. Selling mitumba bales

Nowadays, online business is doing better than off-line business. One of the businesses to do is to run your own blog where you’ll make up to Ksh 3 million per month. Blogging needs little capital, less than Ksh 10,000.To start one, you need a domain name, web hosting services and a website which are provided by Bluehost.The best thing about this company is that they offer free domain registrations services. To register your own domain and start blogging,click here to visit Bluehost

Almost every blogger makes money through AdSense.

Another business that’s booming is one that involves PlayStation. People are making even millions per month. With 10 PlayStations,you are capable of earning profits in the tune of Ksh20,000 per day.

Bottled water business is also another idea which is not fully exploited. Set aside capital of about ksh500,000 and start this kind of business.

Timber yard business is also another venture you should try,but you need a lot of capital.To start one,you require capital of more than Ksh1 million.