Bitcoin and Online Gaming Take Kenya by Storm


Although people often think that Africa doesn’t keep up with development trends set by western nations, Kenya has been proving us wrong in recent years. This can be easily seen through the world of online gaming and the use of cryptocurrencies, as the combination of the two has become extremely popular in this African country.

Kenya is among the top three countries in Africa with a developed Bitcoin market and the fourth country in the world when it comes to a general interest in cryptocurrencies. It is also one of the countries where online gaming is on the rise, which explains why crypto casino sites spur a lot of interest and easily attract Kenyan players.


Technology and Bitcoin Transform Kenyan Online Gaming Market

The development of cryptocurrencies in Kenya has a lot to do with increased access to numerous tech devices. Namely, the use of computers and mobile devices is on the rise as Kenyans have more options than before to purchase and use them daily.

Likewise, cryptocurrencies led by Bitcoin quickly became popular in Kenya due to the many benefits that come along with them. The decentralised system Bitcoin and other cryptos are based on makes online transactions safer, faster, and more efficient. Above all, crypto transactions aren’t regulated by any state financial institution, which allows Kenyans to send and receive money without having to explain its movements.

When we put technology developments and Bitcoin popularity in the same basket, we get the perfect environment for online gaming. Players from Kenya turned out to be huge fans of online gaming sites, and technological development has made this pastime available at all times.

Add to it Bitcoin that doesn’t leave a trace when you make transactions, and you’ll understand why Kenyans join crypto online gaming sites more often than ever. In addition, Kenya still doesn’t have any particular laws regarding cryptocurrencies, which makes playing online games with Bitcoin even more appealing.

Why Are Crypto Gaming Sites Becoming Popular in Kenya?

The number of available crypto gaming sites in Kenya significantly increases day by day at a 12% compound annual rate that should remain at this level until 2025. Aside from technological improvements and loose cryptocurrency regulations, a few other things are attracting Kenyans to crypto online gaming.

Convenience is one of those things since players from Kenya can now access online gaming sites on the go. This significantly saves time and allows Kenyans to play online games while commuting or during their lunch break at work, so they can spend more time with friends and family once they get home.

Investing in Bitcoin makes the whole process even more convenient since Kenyans can take care of their Bitcoins by accessing online wallets without wasting time in banks and other financial institutions. On top of that, transactions are completed in a flash, and fees are often non-existent or so tiny that you don’t even feel it.

Final Thoughts

Kenya surprised us when it jumped on this train headed to the online gaming world. The main reason this African country became so interested in one of the world’s most popular pastimes is technology development. Mobile phones and tablets played an essential role in this whole process as they enabled Kenyans to take part in online gaming on the go.

To make the story even better, Kenya followed the lead of western countries and opened up to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that followed. The benefits cryptos bring to the table are numerous and make online gaming much easier, which made Kenyans join the club faster and become huge fans of crypto online gaming.