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Sylvia Bichanga: Viral Mzungu Hawker Blissfully Rides Boda Boda on Fun Outing with Kenyan Hubby

Sylvia Bichanga, a former missionary from the US married to a Kenyan, has shown her fun side after sharing a video while at the helm of a boda boda.

The clip, posted by Sylvia on Sunday, November 14, depicted her wearing a white dress atop a motorbike on the road in a rural area.

As she rode her bike, her hub Kelvin, recording the video, could be heard laughing while urging her to stop as he ran after her.

“You are a terrible rider,” a breathless Kelvin said when she stopped.

Unperturbed, Sylvia urged him to hop on the bike, but he declined. However, she finally convinced Kelvin to get on the bike.

“He did get on and I drove him home. He was surprised by how good I was,” a proud Sylvia stated.

In the caption, Sylvia divulged that it was her first time riding a motorbike, and the experience made her feel alive.

“Flying through small towns and people yelling at me being on the wrong side of the road made me feel alive,” she wrote.

Sylvia, who runs a business selling American snacks in Kisumu, admitted that riding a bike was more fun than hawking. However, their fun adventure was cut short after the boda boda ran out of fuel.

“Today was a very fun Sunday. I hope y’all had a good weekend, and are revived for the coming week,” she said.

Sylvia, who grew up in Ohio, relocated to Kenya with her family through the Conservative Christian Mission and had no plans on getting married.

One day, robbers raided their house in Kisumu and carted away their electronics. She accompanied her father to an electronics shop where Kevin worked, and that is how they met.

“I could not believe my eyes when I saw him. My spirit left my body. My hands were trembling, I had never seen such a handsome man in my life. That is where I went down a difficult road,” she said.

Ultimately, love triumphed, and they got married in April 2021.