Shocking!!This lady took her drunk husband to mortuary, this is WHAT HAPPENED


” I took my husband to the Mortuary after he got drunk, because I was tired with his Alcoholism” ~ lady says

“My husband was abusing so much that i had to always fetch him on the streets, where he wouldn’t be able to even stand up and i had to carry him home. My family pleaded with me to exit the marriage, but i thought he would change.

After tolerating this behavior for so long, i decided to take matters into my own hands. And decided to act.

One night i went to fetch him in the gutter where he had collapsed and blackout. I decided to drive him to the Mortuary. Where i asked the staff to cater with with a place to sleep in one of their fridges. I even paid for this service.

So he was placed in between corpses overnight. Due to the cold sensation he woke up and found the Mortuary staff placing corpses inside fridges.

He started screaming, telling them he’s not dead. The worker acted like he didn’t notice him. And he started flogging the husband saying:

“You corpses that come here to do witchcraft and be disturbing, go lie down there.” 

He asked to be released, until they let him go. As I write this, my husband has been sober and doesn’t wish to go back to drinking “