How to win Sportpesa Mega Jackpot


Sportpesa Mega Jackpot is the best jackpot in Kenya, but the main challenges for many gamblers is how to win the jackpot.Well,there are many things you need to do in order to win even bonuses.

I personally know people who played this jackpot for years without winning ay money—yaani playing weekly by spending over Ksh 500 and winning nothing for almost a decade. But there are few who use tactics and win without taking long.

I am one of those people who tried several times to win bonuses,I started betting in 2013.Kuna siku hata I used to bet kama mara kumi but none of the versions I placed won.It was until 2015 that I won Ksh300,000 after carefully analyzing the tips.One thing I learnt was that one has to be consistence in order to become a winner.This idea of betting ones and expecting to win may not help.I know a few individuals who bet this Saturday and when they lose,wanapotea for sometime then wanarudi—they eventually win nothing. They actually need to bet every week in order to master the patterns in winning combinations.

If you want to win bonuses, here is what to do:

  • Subscribe for sure Sportpesa Mega Jackpot Tips from Venas News

We offer sure predictions for Sportpesa Midweek and Mega jackpots every week.We generate up to 1,000 combinations weekly which are distributed among subscribers. Even if 10 of them win bonuses, it means some of our subscribers must win weekly. We send the tips randomly, implying that anyone can win. This is a good technique and it has worked well for us.

To subscribe and get the tips,you pay Ksh 1,000 per month or Ksh 500 for two weeks by following these steps:

  1. Select Lipa Na MPESA
  2. Select Buy Goods and Services
  3. Enter MPESA till number (705909)
  4. Enter amount (Ksh1,000 ,Ksh500)
  5. Enter MPESA pin and send

We post free tips on our website weekly but they’re not similar to those sent to our members. We ensure that members receive more accurate tips. After paying the money, wait for the tips to be sent via SMS.

  • Bet every week without a break

When betting consistently, you learn how games are structured and the best way to analyze. Consistency will also increase your chances of winning.

Generate as many combinations as possible

If you have good capital, bet more than ones for every jackpot. I propose that you place over 10 combinations every weekend and see how they perform at the end of the day. With 10 combinations weekly,6 months won’t pass without you winning money from the jackpot.

  • Place a combination which is opposite of the expected result.

Every week, when I analyze the jackpot, I make sure that there is one version which has games with unexpected result. For instance, if everyone thinks that team A will win, I place team be or draw.

What you should know is that some of the games in the jackpot are fixed, their results always go the opposite way.

  • Do research on current team news and line ups

Most teams change line ups, experience injuries during training, others may even field team B.These are things you should research on before placing a bet. It’s recommended that you bet few hours to the start of the first game in order to be sure that your analysis is accurate.

  • Discuss with friends

Ask your friends to share with you their analyzed games and compare with yours. You can also discuss with them and get their opinion.

Kama utafanya hizi vitu zote,I can assure you that one day utashinda.But the most important thing ni kucheza every week.