Top 10 biggest Malls in Kenya and their owners


Kenya has experienced increased innovation and investment in shopping centers. As a result, most business persons have opted to establish malls towards providing shopping experiences to the population. The majority of the best malls in Kenya are situated in Nairobi country.

The top 10 biggest Malls in Kenya and their owners include:

1.         Two Rivers Mall

Two Rivers Mall is located along Limuru road, and it covers 67,000 sqm. The mall garnered its name from River Gachie and River Rui Ruaka. Also, most activities undertaken in the mall utilize water from the two rivers. The area for the mall construction is 102 acres which are spacious and provide beautiful scenery. The owners purchased the land from the Koinange family at the price of Ksh, 1 billion. It is the youngest mall, and it began its operations on 14th February 2017. The mall is regarded as the largest in East Africa, and the owners are the Centum Group. The owners are the late Chris Kirubi, who had 58% of the shares. Other shareholders are ICDC having 3%, and AVIC International with 39%. The estimated amount in constructing the mall is approximately Ksh. 15.5 billion. The infrastructural development of the mall costs Ksh. 5.8 billion, while the construction of the apartment is estimated at Ksh. 3.8 billion. The mall consists of a ferries wheel that provides comfort and safety for individuals who seek to enjoy the magical Nairobi view. Two River Mall also offers Flume Ride and Aqua Play services for the kids, increasing its beautiful nature. The building houses Carrefour, LC Waikiki, and City Lodge, the coolest in Nairobi city.

2.      Garden City Mall

The mall is the second biggest in Kenya, along Thika Road. It takes 10 minutes to drive from Nairobi CBD to the mall. The mall also provides visitors with 3 acres of recreational park, attracting families to explore the vicinity with their children. Garden City Mall (GCM) was first launched in May 2015 and lived up to people’s expectations. The mall is owned by Actis Africa, which is a UK-based company. The company’s current CEO that owns the mall, is Paul Fletcher, and he has since displayed excellent leadership skills and organization. The mall houses more than 120 local and global brands. Also, it houses the East African largest IMAX cinema at affordable prices. The restaurants in the mall are fancy and offer the best location for leisure activities. GCM consists of residential apartments and favorite shopping areas that are easily accessible and affordable.

3.      The Hub Karen

The mall is located in the Karen estate, known to house prominent and wealthy people in Kenya. The mall started its operations on 14th February 2016 and has achieved steady operations. The building sits in 35,000 square feet, and thus it accommodates 55,000 visitors in a week. Broll Property Group Kenya Limited manages the hub mall. The ownership of the mall is pegged on Billionaire Humphrey Kariuki. The services offered by the mall include 1,200 packages for the visitors. Over 85 stores in the mall and numerous services are offered; for instance, LC Waikiki, KFC, and Java register high profits by providing exceptional performance in the business environment. It is also an extensive and well-equipped fitness and medical center for visitors. In addition, parents who seek to take their children to superb places get to enjoy the mall services as it offers children indoor games.

4.      The Junction Mall

The mall earned its name based on its location along King’ara road, Ngong Road, and Naivasha road. It consists of over 120 stores that offer visitors a variety of services. The Junction Mall first began its operations in November 2004 and has since gained popularity in Kenya. The building houses a three-star hotel and international stores, which has increased the number of visitors. The mall ownership is by Actis Africa, a UK-based company that owns Garden City. Also, the management of Junction mall is by Knight Frank Kenya Company. The services offered in the mall are modernized, facilitating an extraordinary customer experience.

5.      The Village Market

The Village market mall is situated in the Gigiri residential area. The mall first came into existence in 1995 and has since maintained its competitive nature from other malls. It is characterized as one of the oldest malls in Kenya and consists of more than 150 stalls. The Village Mall is situated in a 700,000 square feet space and consists of health and banking facilities. Local and international businesses are also undertaken in the area, for instance, five-star hotels and Carrefour supermarkets. The location is suitable as it is easily accessible to visitors from Nairobi CBD. It takes 10 minutes to drive to the site from Nairobi Town, and the mall has registered an increased number of visitors. The mall is well known for housing a large shopping area that offers entertainment, office space, and recreational services. The village mall establishment and ownership are by Mehraz Ehsani and Hamed, who developed the construction idea. Initially, the location for the mall construction was in a coffee plantation, and the idea was to provide visitors with a recreational and shopping center.

6.      The Sarit Centre

The Sarit Centre Mall is situated in the Westlands, Nairobi. The geographical location has played a vital role in maintaining its competitive nature in the market. The mall’s establishment dates back to 1983, and during that time, it ranked the top among shopping malls in the country. Currently, the mall can handle up to 25,000 visitors. The owners of the mall are Maneklal Rughani and Sobhagayachand Vidhu Shah. The establishment and the idea of the mall construction are attributed to the Brent Cross Shopping Centre in London, United Kingdom construction. The current ownership is pegged on the two families. Also, the CEO and the Managing Director (MD) of the mall is Nitin Shah. The mall constitutes more than 250 stores operated locally and internationally. Besides, the mall consists of a four-star hotel and a 300-seater cinema that attracts visitors. The Sarit Centre houses major cultural exhibitions and is a favorite shopping joint for Nairobi City residents.

7.      Yaya Centre Shopping Complex

Yaya Centre Shopping Complex mall is located on Argwings Kodhek Road. The mall provides visitors from the Nairobi CBD a 5 minutes drive. It is also one of the oldest malls in Kenya and traces its establishment back to the 1980s. Yaya Centre is managed and owned by the late Cabinet Minister Nicholas Biwott, with the property estimated at 3 billion. The building consists of more than 100 offices and shops. The mall, through management, has registered as one of the top shopping services in Kenya. It also consists of ATM lobbies and five-star hotels that attract more than 30,000 visitors in a month. The primary services provided in the mall are the sale of home décor, electronics, and catering services. The mall, since its establishment, has experienced upgrades in its appearance and quality.

8.      Westgate Shopping Mall

Westgate Shopping Mall is situated in Westlands, and since its establishment, it has gained public attention. The mall was established in 2007 and has since displayed a competitive nature. The year 2013 saw the mall attacked by terrorists raising global awareness. Sixty-eight people lost their lives during that period, with other tenants and visitors injured. Since the attack, the management has beefed up security, making it the safest mall in Kenya. However, most of the stalls were destroyed, forcing the management to close for 2 years. The tenants who lost their belongings received compensation, and the mall is back to its normal operations. Sony Holdings, an Israeli-based company, owns Westgate Shopping Mall. Vishiali Madan and Alex Trachtenberg undertake the management of the mall. Besides, Westgate Mall offers eateries, kids’ space, office space, and entertainment services. The mall ranks the best in the provision of shopping services.

9.      Galleria Shopping Mall

The mall is located in the suburbs of Karen along Langata Road. It was opened in 2009 and is an attraction site for visitors heading to Bomas of Kenya and Giraffe Center. The mall structure is a kind of modern mall. Galleria Shopping mall is constructed on a 12-acre land, making it a desirable entertainment and shopping place. The mall owner is Trevor Kanja, and the building construction cost Ksh. 2 billion. There are over 70 stores in the mall ranging from entertainment, dining, and shopping services. In addition, the mall houses The Nairobi Hospital, Carrefour, Java, Artcafe, Pizza Hut, Bata, and KFC delicacies. The primary beneficiaries in the mall are residents from Karen, Langata, South B, Ngong, and Nairobi West.

10.  Thika Road Mall

The mall has its location along the Thika Super Highway. Thika Road Mall (TRM) is designed and decorated to attract local and international visitors. TRM is owned by ACTIS, which is a UK firm. The security in the mall is excellent, securing properties and visitors shopping in the mall. The mall consists of more than 100 stores ranging from banking facilities, fashion stores, and eateries. Those residing in Kasarani, Zimmerman, and Roysambu have an excellent opportunity to visit and shop in the mall. In addition, the mall offers kid’s entertainment, a 7D theater Cinema experience, and a selection of eateries. Packing cars are made more accessible on the rooftop to ease congestion in the ground packing services.