Andy Cole: how to change 12 English clubs in your career


Not all players are committed to one club and are ready to play for it until the end of their careers. For others, the main challenge is getting out of their comfort zone regularly and feel new emotions. It is on such performers that bettors like to bet through 1xBet – popular online betting sites. After all, no one knows what to expect from a player in a new team. Perhaps the striking example of such a case was the Englishman Andy Cole. 

At the age of 17 he joined the Arsenal academy, and a year later he joined the main team. However, in three years on an adult contract, he played only one match for the Gunners in the Championship of England. Naturally, this didn’t suit the ambitious player, and he was sent on loan twice during this time. The first time he went to Fulham, and then got to Bristol City.

It was due to his performances for the latter club, that made its management like him, and therefore he signed a full-fledged contract with the team. However, he played with this team for one season and then was promoted to Newcastle United. He was seen by many as the heir to Alan Shearer and he really showed great attack, scoring 55 goals in 70 games. If at that time there were such popular online betting sites as 1xBet, he would definitely be one of the main favourites for the status of the top scorer of the season. The next transfer was a new challenge for the ambitious player, because he joined the great Manchester United. 


In general, he had a rather long career, because he ended it at the age of 37, which is a rather old age for international forwards. By the way, older players are quite interesting to watch at bet live stream, because they sometimes find their second youth. After a successful career at Manchester United, he played for Blackburn Rovers, Manchester City, Portsmouth, Birmingham City, Sunderland, Burnley and Nottingham Forest.

A truly huge number of clubs, considering that he never made it out of England. As for the England national team, Andy Cole is not a player who was regularly invited to the team but still managed to play 15 matches for it. At that time, England was one of the most attractive teams, and therefore 1xBet offers to watch its live streams and bet on its matches.

What has Andy Cole achieved in his professional career?

Naturally, over the long 19 years of his career, he managed not only to play for many clubs but also to win various titles. Considering the fact that 1xBet is a website for online betting football, everyone has a great opportunity to choose a favourite and follow their matches. Andy Cole managed to:

  • win five English Championships with Manchester United;
  • win the Champions League with this club;
  • get the Football League Cup with Blackburn;
  • become one of the top scorers in the England Championship.

This was an excellent career for a strong forward. The 1xBet website for online betting offers not only betting on football but also the archive of statistics. With it, you can see the results of the matches of the teams for which Cole played.