Kinsta Review—Is it a good web hosting company?


Kinsta, a top hosting service provider, has gained global recognition for its quality services. The company was founded in 2013 and is located in London, U.K. The provider offers user services such as hosting and data processing, which increases its global marketing. There are more than 22,000 companies that use Kinsta WordPress services. The company prioritizes customer satisfaction and employs Google C2 machines to maximize website performance. Kinsta company, in conjunction with more than 29 data centers globally, ensures that users’ data have increased appearance and performance. Kinsta web hosting services employ Content Delivery Network (CDN), which has updated features to meet clients’ and companies’ demands. Its services cover both small and big enterprises, increasing its market coverage. Users enjoy 100% guaranteed uptime since the company has expanded its data centers. This is a unique feature that is expensive to operate. The client takes advantage of the service to expand operations. Users enjoy speed in handling tasks, and this is Kinsta’s priority making it stand out in global operations. Companies that experience increased growth employ Kinsta services as it consists of tutorials for the new enterprises on how to operate the website. There are expert employees in the company who run the WooCommerce and WordPress features. This has seen increased upgrade features and fast page loading for the users. WordPress is affordable to manage compared to other web hosting providers since it has additional features and services. Kinsta is experiencing increased development in the web hosting industry as it majors on innovation strategies. The company has realized increased market participation as it partners with other technological companies. Users benefit from an additional website staging that provides testing features and update programs. Besides, users enjoy data loading programs using MariaDB, LXD containers, PHP 7, and Nginx.

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1. Malware and Hacker Removal

Kinsta aids in malware and hacker removal for users. Malware is programs that enter a computer through themes and plugins. The web hosting provider monitors and fix more than 3,000 malicious codes, endangers user operations. Also, users enjoy a safer experience while using Kinsta as it mainly focuses on web security. Kinsta protects user data from malicious code injections and DDoS. WordPress websites consist of numerous hackers and malicious codes which endanger web operations. Kinsta is embedded with multiple software that clean email viruses, which has seen the web hosting provider gaining popularity among users.

2. Self-healing Technology

The web hosting provider uses autoscaling technology that handles WordPress without user intervention. Self-healing technology is a vital feature towards ensuring that users stay online. Large companies use Kinsta since they enjoy monitoring services for big data. Kinsta monitors databases and PHP to prevent errors 500. The Kinsta monitors and restarts services at 150 milliseconds compared to other web hosting providers. The self-healing technology handles high-traffic projects and contains errors through instant updates.

3. Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Kinsta consists of a CDN that coordinates activities within the website. Users receive a cached copy of data sent to the website, reducing high-traffic projects. The Content Delivery Network retains all user scripts for future operations. The content handled by CDN includes themes and plugins, increasing time in handling data. New traffic creates technical issues, and the CDN feature reduces challenges experienced when data is overloaded. CDN discourages add-ons, which increases speed and power when operating WordPress.

4. Automated Backups

Kinsta provides users with automated backups which facilitate a secure website. There are two methods that users can employ to backup data. This includes daily and scheduled backup methods, and different payment methods exist. Users receive a backup of sites daily, a move that discourages Cyber-attacks. There is an option for users to design a desirable time at which they intend to back up their activities. Besides, users can increase subscription fees to improve backup frequency.

5. Professional Website migration

Kinsta has a professional website migration procedure that ensures that users smoothly migrate to other subscription plans. Kinsta workers are professionally trained to educate users on migration procedures, facilitating global operations. Users can also face troubleshooting challenges, and Kinsta has deployed experts to handle the problem when it occurs. Users’ experiences instance migration since Kinsta technology operates an automatic migration.

5. Website staging

Kinsta values quality service provision to users. Kinsta enables users to conduct a staging service on numerous features such as a color theme and a new plugin. Users are provided with a clean environment to operate their websites without disturbance. Depending on their demands, users can run different PHP versions during the staging process. Besides, clients and companies can replace features that provide an excellent appearance. Website staging features are designed to improve database appearance and performance.

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Kinsta provides users with four subscription plans to choose from, depending on the features and price that they intend to use. The packages are the Starter plan, Pro Plan, Business plan, and Enterprise plan. The cheapest subscription plan is the Starter plan, where users pay $30 per month. The plan has attracted 25,000 users to its affordable program. Users can install one WordPress, limiting the operations and appearance of a web. There is a storage space challenge of 10 GB, which discourages large businesses from handling large files. This indicates that new enterprises are bound to benefit from the services. The second subscription is the Pro plan, where users pay $60 per month. Large companies use the feature with few small enterprises who desire multiple Kinstat features. The storage space for the plan is 20 GB and receives 50,000 users. The business enjoys two WordPress installation features to improve its market advantage. The third subscription is the Business plan, where users pay $100 per month. Large companies widely use the plan as opposed to small enterprises. The plan consists of 30 GB of disk space, enabling large companies to store and process big files. There is an option of installing three WordPress to facilitate service provision. The plan offers 100,000 visitors making it an excellent choice for large companies. The last subscription is the Enterprise plan, where users pay $600 per month. The plan is used by large companies seeking to attain a competitive advantage over market rivals. Large companies enjoy 100 GB disk space, storing big data in secured conditions. Also, companies can install 60 WordPress to improve their market operations. More than 1,000,000 visit the subscription plan, and this makes it popular.

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Free trial

Kinsta web hosting provider provides users with free trial services. Users are provided with a full-featured demo on the web features. Free trial offers to apply to one-click staging areas, backup management, and site creation. Users enjoy a 30-day free trial of add-ons and a money-back guarantee. Also, users are provided with annual and monthly refunds when they cancel the subscription plan before the 30-day option. Kinsta does not provide users with long-term contracts to build trust with clients and companies. During the free trial, users benefit from customer support, Cloudflare enterprise integration, and global audience reach.

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1. Powered by Google Cloud Platform

Kinsta technology utilizes the Google Cloud Platform, consisting of 29 data centers. The feature enables Kinsta users to store content in their webs at a desirable location. Kinsta users enjoy Cloudflare and CDN providers in a significant geographical location. More than 100countries and 200 cities worldwide are using Kinsta, and the users have expressed their satisfaction with the SEO tool. Google Cloud Platforms are expensive to acquire, and Kinsta has ensured that its users enjoy the services that come with them. Customer satisfaction is the priority in any business environment since it directly impacts revenue generation. Kinsta has remained relevant by updating users on new products that aid in data storage to increase trust among the users.

2. Fast and secure

Kinsta provides users with additional plans for free. The company achieves this by creating secure websites that support big data. Users benefit from the Kinsta services and save up to $200 per month compared to other SEO tools. Also, users benefit from the faster loading of pages. The primary beneficiaries ate big companies striving to outshine their rivals regarding timely customer service. Kinsta technology can detect and block DDoS malicious attacks to facilitate handling tasks. Speed of handling the website increases as it consists of HTTP/3 support. New users find it simple to operate the website as it consists of simple SSL Management features. There is a development on Edge-caching feature which will provide a secure and fast operation for user web access. The development comes at no additional cost, which is significant to technological advancement.

3. Customer support

Kinsta provides users with a 24/7 expertise service. The company consists of employees with WordPress knowledge, thereby offering users prompt replies and assistance. The experts are trained on better customer services and communication systems to attract new clients and companies into their web hosting services. The company attracts clients of different academic backgrounds, and the company has employed customer support with various professionals. Once a question pops up, the call is directed to individuals’ desirable skills. This makes the company increase market participation and service delivery. The company experts display high rating consistency based on user comments. Kinsta values its users, and they engage in a survey to determine challenges that can be addressed for the web upgrade. Another feature that the company considers is employing people of different language experience, such as Portuguese, Italian, French, Spanish, and English. Users benefit from the support system, which offers live chat for typing challenges.

4. Easy management of users’ websites

Kinsta provides users with easy management of their websites. For instance, Kinsta technology has a simple dashboard that enables users to track their plan usage. New users require proper guidelines on web hosting service providers. Kinsta is no exception since its intervention in the global market. Users can access side metrics that highlight data use and encourage better managing data. Besides, Kinsta has increased how users operate the website, saving on website operations. Users who experience challenges in running data can access Troubleshooting with analytics to display website data. For users who experience challenges accessing their website, experts are assigned to analyze the troubleshooting and design resolution for the SEO tool. The company has a collaborative feature with unlimited users to provide efficient website services.


1. High prices

Kinsta users experience the challenge of subscription plan charges. The Starter Plan subscription costs $30 per month, discouraging small enterprises’ acquisition. As much as the company has numerous features, there are increased users’ companies on the charges. The prices are way above other web hosting service providers’ highest packages. This is a discriminative approach to the new enterprises. The challenge that arises from Kinsta is that the site manages the WordPress host. This gives the company an exclusive right to own the WordPress services baring new companies. The high prices in Kinsta’s provision of services are also realized through additional costs. There are numerous daily and 6 monthly backups that experience high charges.

2. No email

Kinsta company lacks email services to users. The argument is that the company’s focus is on hosting other websites. The move discourages the realization of cheap communication with users. It is expensive for users who desire to realize email communication in the SEO tool services. In addition, users must integrate G Suite, which requires more time and resources to activate. New enterprises seeking email services experience challenges when using the Kinsta company free trial.

3. Banned Plugins

Kinsta consists of numerous plugins which interfere with the setup process. Users who rely on the plugins will experience distractions while operating the website. Kinsta focuses on optimizing its servers, which comes at a dare cost. Users are advised not to use the plugins often and optimize their sites with developed technology.

4. One type of hosting

Kinsta consists only of WordPress hosting for users. This is a challenge to companies that have diversified their market operations. Kinsta lacks VPS and Web hosting, unlike other web hosting service providers, which is a challenge for users. Therefore, new users are disadvantaged from using Kinsta company services as they are in danger of spending huge amounts of money.