Poker Warm Up Routines You Can Try


Poker is a sport and every sportsman should have a routine that prepares them both mentally and physically for the game. Routine differs from player to player and some sports have some peculiar routines.

In poker, there are some standard routines that can help you to better prepare for the game. You can also customize each routine to meet your needs.

Importance Of Poker Warm Up Routines

If you’re playing poker competitively, the importance of a poker warm routine cannot be underestimated.

Poker requires that you have an excellent mind frame and you’re also in good physical shape. Warm up routines help you to achieve both.

Mentally, poker warm ups help you to relieve your mind of stress and channel your concentration on the game. It puts you in the right state of mind that allows you to make the right decisions and keep your Emotions in check.

Warm ups aid your preparation by giving you the discipline to go over your strategy before a game. Warm up routines will boost your confidence level while also ensuring you retain sufficient self-awareness to avoid overconfidence.

Essential Poker Warm Up Routines

These warm up routines are simple and effective ways to prepare your mind and body for a poker game.

Get In The Right Mental Space

Poker is a game that requires your brain and mind to be sharp, hence it’s important that you mentally prepare yourself. You should start your poker routine by mentally preparing for the game.

The way you can prepare mentally is by meditating. Dedicating some minutes of your day to meditation can help you to relieve stress. Meditating also helps to calm your mind and put you in the right mental state.

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Eat Healthy

If you’re a professional Poker player, the state of your body will affect your game. Poker games can go on for hours which can take a toll on the body. When your body gives way, your mind can lose its sharpness and your game might fall apart.

Before playing a poker game, be intentional about the thing you eat. For example, you should avoid heavy foods or food that can complicate your diet. Healthy food will make you stronger and more relaxed.

Work Out

Staying physically fit is necessary if you want to sit through hours of poker games without waning physically and mentally. Working out can also boost your confidence which is a necessary part of the game.

Avoid Distractions

Poker requires that you’re mentally present and aware all through the game. Watching TV, chatting, listening to loud music, and other such distractions can make you lose focus.

These  are some things you can do before the game to reduce distraction.

  • Use the restroom: it’s good to relieve yourself by visiting the restroom before you take your seat at the table. It’s okay to take bathroom breaks but they can be a sort of distraction that can affect your game.
  • Put Your Phone On Silent: phones are a primary means of distraction. Except you’re using a poker software on your phone, it’s better you keep them away or put them on silent to avoid distraction.
  • Avoid Physical Distractions: Ensure that you’re not in an environment where you can be distracted either by family, friends, or the surrounding. You shut out the house and maintain a serene environment.
  • Have A Water and Maybe A Snack Nearby: poker games often take long hours. You should have water for hydration and a healthy simple snack in case you get hungry.


Before playing a poker game, you should take a moment and go over your strategy. Revision will keep your mind sharp and better prepare you for the game.

While revising, you should be calm and avoid slipping into panic. Professional players revise so they can remember vital information about the game and it also helps to reduce your chances of feeling overconfident.

Be Professional

You need to view poker as work and act professionally. Pro poker players often have an area of their house when they play. They have a comfortable environment, a comfortable seat, and good hardware for online poker games. 

Acting professionally means you should approach a game with a level of seriousness and a mindset that you are competing against other professionals.

Have A Special Routine

It’s always good to have a routine that is personal to you. It might be going for a walk or listening to a particular music. Special routines help to calm your nerves and put you in a positive mindset.

Several pro poker players have a special pre game ritual and you should also have yours.

Final Thoughts

Preparations are an important aspect of winning in poker. Having a good poker routine can be the difference between a good player and poor player, hence it’s important to have a routine if you’re looking to improve your game.