Why New bloggers in Kenya don’t last long—blogging is not easy


I have observed for a long time that new blogs zenye ukuja na fujo upotea after sometime. Most of them are created by fresh graduates who want quick money. They create content haraka haraka and sign up for AdSense. After about one year, they realize that hakuna pesa ya maana wanatengeneza, they disappear from the scene. All of a sudden, you realize that a blog which used to be popular imepotea kabisa.

Searching for information online, you’ll notice that no any new site contains the information, ni zile tu za kitambo akina Tuko,nation,standard,mpasho,venas news ,ghafla,daily post and Kenyans.

What new bloggers should know is that blogging is not a gold mine,hii pesa inakuja pola pole. Blogging also needs discipline. You can’t be a successful blogger when half of your day uko kwa bar kulewa.If you investigate well, you’ll realize that more than 90% of bloggers don’t take alcohol. Blogging thrives for introverts. As a blogger, you have to remain indoors and spend most of your time interacting with your laptop.

Bloggers who thrive in this industry are those who join because of passion. Blogging is a marathon, not a sprint. You have to wake up early everyday and create content for your readers.Sadly,most youths in Kenya don’t want to struggle,wanataka pesa ya haraka.

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With constant posting of content on your blog,you’ll certainly become a successful blogger.