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Ndindi Nyoro children and infertility rumor


Kiharu Member of Parliament Ndindi Nyoro does not have children.Moses Kuria revealed that the aspiring DP is infertile.He has tried all means but children are not coming.

Roysambu woman confides to Moses Kuria that Ndindi Nyoro is infertile

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has for the third time exposed his Kiharu counterpart Ndindi Nyoro over infertility. In a facebook post that later pulled down, Kuria claimed that it was common knowledge even in parliament that Kiharu MP was infertile and that a woman from Roysambu had disclosed the disturbing fact.

During DP Ruto’s tour of Gatundu last month, Kuria lashed out at Ndindi after the later asked him to go slow on insults in Uhuru’s backyard prompting Kuria to use unprintable words depicting his condition.

“Tigana nannie thata ino..”, – Leave me alone you barren, Kuria had said as Rigathi Gachagua intervened to restrain Ndindi Nyoro who was evidently angry with Kuria. In the post, Kuria explained how he met the Roysambu lady at a joint in Kilimani and she confided that she tried getting a child with Ndindi unsuccessfully.

According to Kuria, the Cytonn Marketing executive revealed that Ndindi Nyoro was suffering from a rare disease called azoospermia which causes sperms not to be made at all. The lady further revealed that Ndindi have travelled to US severally to correct varicoles anomaly – swollen veins in the scrotum that harm sperm growth blocking proper blood drainage.

During a church service in Kiharu Constituency last month, Moses Kuria threw a sarcastic barb at Ndindi Nyoro once again, asking him to work hard and give the women of Kiharu grandchildren together with his wife oblivious of his condition.

Ndindi Nyoro did not take offense though he could be seen lost in deep thought for the remainder of the DP’s tour of Kiharu Constituency. It remains unclear why Moses Kuria is so determined to remind Ndindi of his condition, knowing too well inferlity comes with anger and sometimes can lead to depression.