Kenyan man writes love letter to Linet Chepkorir Toto and begs her to marry him


Kenyan man has written a love letter to Linet Chepkorir begging her to marry him.The letter reads:


Dear Linet,

Hope this finds you well, the beauty of Bomet. A true definition of a girl from Sot without any make up but has won my heart. I want to make the earliest announcement to you and here on Facebook social media. So that the saying, Early bird catches the worm find its meaning.

I am a son of Ogiek living in Kuresoi and hereby making a proposal having developed interest to marry you. I loved you when I saw you and heard about you. Your determination in life overtook any other woman I have ever came across.

When I followed how you are in life, I concluded you could withstand the common struggles that my father Jemiryot Arap Songol expressed to me that a good wife should. And especially in this particular area of Kuresoi. I saw in you, how comfortable you are in rubber shoes, and the outfit of a true young woman from Sot. I am aware that it could be due to the fact of financial constraints but still I read contentment in your face. You warmed my soul. I settled in my heart that you could be a good wife to me.

I don’t want to wait until when you become Mheshimiwa before I let you know of my undying love for you. It will be difficult to reach you. You will also think I am after your status and money. I am throwing my expression right now. And because I heard you on radio say you are not married. Maybe you were waiting for me.

I will take you to my parents. We shall be blessed with honey flowing down from our heads as Motiryot tying our knots, chant blessings in presence of every married adult in my family. We shall have the blessings of my grandma, Obot Jemiryot and we shall be out to the public for a traditional wedding ceremony. My in-laws from Bomet, will be glad that a son of Ogiek has taken their precious daughter and will be in the safe hands of a son of a hunter and gatherer community.

I will gift them with all the honey in my beehives across Kiptororo forest. They will not say you are not married anymore. I will let my elders as well as yours, decide the number of head of cattle as a dowry. Meanwhile we shall embark to your campaign trail, inside my newly wed traditional regalia. My Kipsigis inlaws all across Bomenyon, will now know you belong to me. Wherever you go, I go with you.

May you accept to love me as all voters in Bomet accept to vote you.

I will love you past winning your desired seat. Which I pray you do.

I will be your husband. A father to your children. I will be your personal security and forever yours in every thing.

I love you Linet.


Arap Jemiryot.