Shocking reason why Kalonzo decided to contest for president in 2022


There is a hidden reason why Kalonzo was forced to contest for president in 2022.Here is the opinion from an expert:

Even if Kalonzo makes the “deadly mistake” of coming back to Azimio, the damage is already too grave to be repaired.

Lower Eastern is already a battleground, and there is little that he can do to change the situation UNLESS HE GOES ALL THE WAY TO THE TAPE to save himself and his Wiper contestants from annihilation by both Ruto’s, Raila’s, and Independent candidates. Kalonzo must be fully aware that these are desperate times for him.

Muthama and Mutua know the feeling of resentment on the ground by Kalonzo supporters who are deeply disappointed that their leader was overlooked in the selection of the Azimio running mate. Like vultures, they are now circling overhead, eager to claim the spoils that will accrue from an anticipated protest vote against Raila by the Wiper leader’s supporters in Ukambani and elsewhere in the country.

The situation will be dire for the Wiper supremo if he does not move to consolidate his vote base through the August 9 Election.

In case he decides to withdraw from the presidential race and the Kamba vote is split 50-50 between Azimio and Kenya Kwanza, Kalonzo will be done! KAPUT!

This is not 2013 or 2017 when Raila scooped over 85 per cent of Ukambani vote.

The fact that Kalonzo is not Raila running mate (and hence, has lost leverage among his supporters) is the straw that could break the camel’s back.

Were Kalonzo to go back to Azimio, dropping his Presidential quest, he would not be the only loser in Lower Eastern; Raila would also be hard hit, with DP Ruto reaping the spoils in a region that has been a grim hunting ground for Uhuruto.

So, for Kalonzo to save himself politically, he must push all the way to the wire, then transact a post election deal FROM A POINT OF STRENGTH. If he relents, neither Raila nor Ruto will see any value in him post election!

Lastly, no one should sell fear and despondency to Kalonzo or his supporters by citing the 2007/2008 violence. That is not how democracy works!