Kalonzo joins Azimio with 2 million votes


Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka has joined Azimio.Kalonzo has been like a Watermelon for some time before accepting to take up the position of Chief Minister in Azimio.

Initially, the Ukambani kingpin had rejected the offer after Raila named Martha Karua his running mate. He announced that he will run for president. But a phone call from President Kenyatta forced him to change his mind.

Two weeks ago,Kalonzo was out of the country where he met representatives of Raila and Uhuru.He was convinced to join Azimio after being promised 4 Cabinet posts and was given a package. It’s rumoured that Kalonzo was given a whopping Ksh 3 billion to shelve his plans of running for president.

Today,2/6/2022 Kalonzo officially joined Azimio with 2 million votes.After the announcement,Raila’s popularity rose to over 49%,implying that he will win the election first round.

The Akamba population is predominantly in Eastern, Nairobi and Mombasa.In 2017 more than 1.5 million of them voted for Raila due to Kalonzo, this year all of them will again vote for Raila.With more than 30% of Mount Kenya voters expected to vote for Raila,it’s almost impossible for Ruto to win against Azimio.

The only hurdle Raila was facing was to convince Kalonzo to support him without the position of Deputy President. Since he has successfully wooed him, I don’t see which tricky Ruto will use to win against a coalition which has money and leaders from all corners of the republic.

We believe that Kalonzo was told to support Karua so that the two can contest in 2027 with Karua being the Presidential candidate and Kalonzo the running mate.

Meanwhile, there is discomfort and infighting in Kenya Kwanza following the selection of Rigathi Gachagua as Ruto’s running mate.Majority of the politicians in the coalition claim that Gachagua has made Ruto lose a lot of votes.If possible,Ruto should change his running mate in order to stand a chance of winning.