How much does it cost to erect a billboard in Kenya


To erect a billboard in Kenya, it costs Ksh 50,000 to Ksh 600,000 per month depending on the size of the billboard, quality of the billboard and location. Printing costs will also be factored in.

During campaign period, the demand for billboards is high and space is limited. Normally, prices go up. A standard billboard costs Ksh 200,000 to Ksh500,000 per month. To erect a billboard in Nairobi, it will cost you approximately Ksh300,000 per month and in Mombasa it goes for Ksh200,000 per month.

Other normal billboards cost as little as Ksh 150,000 per month.

The billboard prices are as follows—based on towns:

Nairobi—Ksh200,000 to Ksh600,000 per month

Mombasa—Ksh 150,000 to Ksh 500,000 per month

Kisumu—Ksh 100,000 to Ksh 350,000 per month

Eldoret—Ksh100,000 to Ksh 350,000 per month

Nakuru—Ksh150,000 to Ksh 400,000 per month

Mount Kenya region—Ksh 100,000 to 350,000 per month

Western region—Ksh 70,000 to Ksh 300,000 per month

Kisii—Ksh 100,000 to Ksh300,000 per month

Eastern—Ksh100,000 to Ksh 300,000 per month

North Eastern—Ksh 40,000 to Ksh200,000 per month