Johnson Sakaja education, his transcripts, failure to complete Actuarial Science Degree from UoN


Johnson Sakaja is the current Senator for Nairobi county,a position he has held since 2017, and he is battling out with Polycarp Igathe for the position of Nairobi County Governor. Until this year,2022,many Kenyans thought the aspiring governor had graduated with a degree in Actuarial Science from Nairobi University, but details have emerged that he never graduated.

Sources from Nairobi University indicate that Sakaja dropped out of college after a course he was pursuing became a hard nut to crack. He had registered for a parallel degree in Actuarial Science ,thinking that he would become an Actuary, but after getting several Ds and Es he decided to drop out and join politics.

Now, since he is required to produce a degree in order to contest for the governor position,Sakaja has opted to get one from a Ugandan university—he is not going to present the one from UoN because he might be caught.

The senator will be presenting his degree certificate and other academic papers to the IEBC today. He is seeking to be cleared for Nairobi gubernatorial seat.

Interestingly,  Sakaja will be presenting a degree certificate from St Lawrence University, Uganda.

The degree certificate arrived this morning via a Ugandan airline. He has been waiting for it since last week.

It’s not clear when, why and what Sakaja studied at St Lawrence and it’s not clear at what point he enrolled there.

Sakaja has always insisted that he graduates from the University of Nairobi with a degree in Actuarial Science.

No one knows when that position changed.  It’s not clear why he will not be presenting papers from the UoN.