Was Dennis Mbae a Criminal? This is why Embu Residents are celebrating is death!


There were celebrations in Embu when Dennis Mbae was gunned down by unknown people.People took wine,drank alcohol and slaughtered goat to celebrate his demise.

Here is a narration from one of the residents:

“Dennis Mbae; a man who was infamous for masterminding house break-ins, robbery and illegal sale of electronics, vehicle parts and household items, theft of livestock, drug smuggling, grand theft auto, muggings and all manner of crimes breathed his last courtesy of a spray of bullets by an unknown gunman who had trailed him on his way home.

The relieving breeze reassuring Embu residents of peace continues to sweep across the land like a sweet fragrance, following confirmation of the felling of the godfather of crime in the region. Nobody is mourning the crook, apart from his disciples, who I predict will also be kaput in a matter of days. We are happy the rascal is no more. Kudos to the shooter!

Personally, I feel nothing other than the pure joy of knowing that the raccoon who has held an entire county hostage with his battalion of burglars, muggers, gun-wielding thugs, murderers and narcotics peddlers was put down in the thick of night like a rabid dog; not even the dignity of mob justice enjoyed by most other common thieves.

This mafia kingpin was the amalgamation of the dreaded three-man gang of Wanûgû, Wacûcû and Rasta; all assembled into one fierce crime machine. The chief thug has escaped police dragnets, corrupted law enforcers, eliminated both competition and threats to his thriving criminal empire over the years. A vicious barbarian.

Mbae posed as a businessman, but ran an intricate network of underground lawbreaking squadrons that effectively kept Embu town shivering in fear. All felonies in this town could be linked to him. He was so well connected that he is said to have influenced the transfers of senior police commanders who proved incorruptible.

Almost everybody I know has once fallen victim to the fallen crook whose mention by name in public has been taboo in this town, lest a platoon of his operatives come for your neck for disrespecting ‘Sonko’ or ‘Mdosi’ as they fondly referred to him. Government officials had almost given up the manhunt for this thieving monster. However, news of his death has been welcomed by all and sundry!

Social Media networks burst and came alive with celebratory messages marking the end of a terrifying reign of lawlessness; the crushing of a crime syndicate that had grown so big that gangsters could unleash their ferocity and terrorise entire neighbourhoods in broad daylight because the outlaws were untouchable.

One day, while chatting about runaway crime in the locale with my colleagues, an Administration Police officer sought to reassure us that this gang leader would be shot dead within the year 2022, and it has come to pass. There was no use prosecuting this one; he would easily get away through unscrupulous ways.

Without a doubt, Mbae was the Al Capone or John Dillinger of our times. Many will narrate harrowing experiences of the continuous nightmare that the flourishing crime consortium subjected them to. Hundreds of families have lost loved one’s to either crime or drug abuse in the powerful grip of this one certified offender.

But the proverbial 40th day finally came. The scoundrel was eventually reunited with his maker. May he rot in hell for the pain that he caused thousands of his victims. We will no longer speak about him in hushed tones for fear of his militiamen. Justice is finally served on many with the befitting lethal gunshots (I’m told his rotund belly was ripped open too).

He lived by the gun, he has died by the gun! May his soul never rest! He doesn’t even deserve to be mourned or a decent funeral!”