Shocking things Michuki told Americans about Raila’s Academic qualifications


What did John Michuki tell the Americans about Raila’s education credentials ?

Walk with me

On October 8th, 2007, then internal security minister John Michuki held a meeting with a political Counselor representing the government of George Bush.

According to confidential cables that were dumped online by Wikileaks, the meeting took place at a hotel located on the outskirts of Nairobi and owned by Michuki. In attendance was Francis, Michuki’s son.

I am quoting the cable:

“Michuki, who is a close associate of president Kîbaki, made a point to disparage presidential challenger Raila Odinga, but was otherwise unusually relaxed, philosophical, and somewhat detached. He gave the impression of being much more interested in the state of his golf links than the state of the nation. This is in high contrast to his unusually engaged and combative stance…”

The cable further notes that that Michuki trotted out a laundry list of anti-Odinga propaganda.

Now this is where I want your attention

“Michuki reminded PolCouns (Political Counselor) of Odinga’s studies in East Germany, alleging that his undergraduate thesis had been in building nail bombs….”

So, according to Michuki, Odinga did his undergraduate degree. And had a thesis too