DP Ruto quotes a Bible verse that does not exist


DP William Ruto has quoted a Bible verse that does not exist. While responding to Joe Ageyo’s questions during NTV interview,Ruto backed up his argument with a Bible verse, he quoted Mathew 17:29 which does not exist.

The DP always chest thump that he knows the Bible more than any other Kenyan but he always quotes it wrongly. Even during National Prayers recently at Safari Park he quoted a wrong verse. Martha Karua and other leaders were even shocked his memory and mouth don’t link well.

Joe Ageyo was asking hard question which Ruto evaded. For instance, he was asked why he was comfortable when Matiangi was supporting Jubilee in 2013 but he is now not comfortable when he is supporting Raila, Ruto said he can’t remember. He was also asked about the Stadia he promised to build within six months, he evaded the question.

Throughout the interview, he was evading questions and setting his own questions. The interview was cut short when he was asked whether he will protest the election result if he doesn’t win. His answer was, he won’t uproot railway.