Photos of thousands of police officers in Jacaranda ground Nairobi to battle Kenya Kwanza followers


Thousands of police officers have been poured in Jacaranda Ground to battle Kenya kwanza supporters. The officers are scattered all over the ground to ensure that security is maintained.

Babu Owino and Kenya kwanza had booked the ground for today’s rallies but Babu cancelled his rally. Leaving Ruto and his people to hold theirs. But the presence of police has left Kenya Kwanza supporters in fear.

The police had feared that there would be a clash between Azimio and Kenya Kwanza supporters because both were to meet at the venue today,which is why they come in large numbers to stop any form of violence.

Here is Babu Owino’s message to his supporters:

“Police are Protecting Jacaranda Grounds,a public utility from Ruto who has high affinity for Land.Hii naye hautagrab.I humbly advise my People from Embakasi East Republic to stay in doors or go about their business as the angel of death(Ruto) will be visiting them today”

DP Ruto has urged his supporters to meet In Jacaranda for the rally.His Facebook post reads:

“The Kenya Kwanza fraternity and the entire Hustler Nation wishes a blessed Sunday to all na tukutane Jacaranda after church”

It’s not clear how the police will react to this message.

Below are photos from Jacaranda ground: