Why kikuyu love money


Everyone loves money but Kikuyu love money more than any tribe in Kenya. If you want to win any kikuyu, be it a man or woman, show them money, tell them there is a deal that involves a lot of money.Kisii,Luo,Luhya and the rest of other tribes have low appetite for money ,there are people in these tribes you cannot win through money.

Here are the main reasons why kikuyu love money:

They are business oriented

Kikuyu’s main activity is to do business and make money. Without business, most of them could have no home or source of livelihood. Since money is everything in regards to business, they have to love money. One can’t start business without having capital.

They were the first tribe to be exposed to money

Among the 45 tribes in Kenya, Kikuyu were the first people to get exposed to money. During that time, other tribes were practicing barter trade. After knowing the importance of money, they developed extreme love for it.

Majority of the Kenyan presidents were kikuyu

Out of the 4 presidents we have had in Kenya, 3 are kikuyu. Their faces are in the notes. So the kikuyu believe that money belong to them.

They love saving and investing

Kikuyu love to accumulate wealth, they love to invest. They get excited when being ranked the richest tribe in Kenya. Any person who love to save and investing must love money. They know that if they lose it, they won’t have power and status.

To buy power, get respect and high status in the society

If there is a tribe that’s obsessed with power, it’s the Kikuyu. They feel good when they are leading. In Kenya, you can’t lead if you don’t have money. Without money, nobody can respect you.

Kikuyu know that they can buy positions of leadership in any sector through money.

When they are being born, majority are introduced to money even at infancy through rituals

Some Kikuyu families perform money rituals to their infants in order to attract the spirits of wealth.A child is made to hold coins and notes in the hand for several days.