Raila stoned and chased out of Mandera


Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga has been seriously stoned and chased out of Mandera after he tried to campaign. The former Prime Minster was speaking many things and wooing the residents to vote for him on August 9,2022 to prevent him from going to Bondo then chaos started. Two groups started fighting resulting to violence which spread even to the podium.

Raila, who was confident that he has the people of Mandera in his pocket, was shocked when someone threw a sufuria towards his direction. It was followed by heavy stones, one by one until he got scared.

His security came in numbers and hurriedly sneaked him out of the venue. He was closely followed by his deputy Martha Karua.

The people of Mandera have vowed to teach him a lesson come August, they accuse him of dividing them instead of preaching unity.

This is the second time Raila is being stoned in Norther Kenya. A day ago he was stoned in Marsabet and hurriedly left the town.

This year August,Raila is expected to get at least half of the votes in North Eastern Kenya where majority of them supported Jubilee party in 2013.