Prophet David Owuor warns of post-election violence in Kenya 2022


The mighty prophet of God David Owuor of the Repentance & holiness ministry warns Kenyans to prepare for the worst post-election violence in Kenya’s history.Owuor, who was preaching in his church over the weekend claimed that God has revealed to him that there will be the worst form of violence in Kenya which will be witnessed in most parts of the country.

The Prophet said that Kenyans have refused to repent despite several warnings. He revealed that through a dream, he saw serious shooting and bloodshed.However,urged Kenyans to repent before August 9 in order to avoid violence.

During this year’s election there will be two main contenders,Raila Odinga and William Ruto.Raila is highly likely to win and if at all there will be violence, not in Nyanza.

Prophet Owuor calls himself a true prophet of God, the only prophet remaining on earth.His preaching is mainly about repentance.