Janet Mbugua demands Ksh1 million from Eddie Ndichu in Divorce case


Former Citizen TV News Anchor Janet Mbugua has demanded Ksh 1 million from her ex-husband Eddie Ndichu.Janet claims that Eddie was a serial cheater, he would cheat with even 5 women in a weekend, leaving her in bed rotating alone. She confessed that Eddie never performed his conjugal duties for 2 good years despite entertaining other women.

“Eddie used to come to bed, he avoided me like a plague despite having other women out there. I have suffered in this marriage. I now demand Ksh 1 million monthly maintenance fee”, Janet Demanded.

The two parted ways in 2020 after staying in the same compound for 2 years without talking to each other. Janet suffered raw dry spell, she had no shoulder to lean on. During that time, Eddie was in every club in Nairobi with women. At Ole Sereni,he fought two women and was taken to court over assault, a case which is still ongoing.

Janet moved out of Eddie’s house to live alone with her child. She wants Eddie to man up and pay for every expense.