Manzi Wa Kibera weds her 67 year old boyfriend(Photos)


There were celebrations in Kibra after Manzi Wa Kibera married her 67-year-old boyfriend. The two have dating since 2021 when they met in a changaa den in Kibra.Manzi wa Kibera loved how his new husband was charming.

Manzi wa Kibera dumped the 67 year old man recently, she also stole his title deed. She assured him to return the title on one condition, he must marry her. The man had not option, he went ahead to marry Manzi wa Kibera yesterday.

Manzi wa Kibera praises her husband as one of the strongest men in bed.She has dated many men but none comes close to her husband. Initially, she thought he was old only to discover he is so strong.

Here are the photos from the marriage ceremony: