Gastón Sessa vs Rodrigo Palacio


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Keepers are usually the last player before an opposing attacker reaches the goal. Therefore, their fouls are interpreted as a last resort. Most of the time they are accompanied by a red card.

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Sessa did what?

Gastón Sessa was quite a recognizable individual in Argentinian football. He was a highly talented and agile goalkeeper. In fact, he was nicknamed “gato”, which means “cat”. Punters can make some excellent and highly rewarding sports live betting with 1xBet bookmaker, which features lots of matches from Argentinian football.

However, the “cat” had a darker side. He was well-known for his violent outbursts against other players. Not even his teammates were safe from his rage. For this reason, he got far more red cards than other keepers.

The 2nd of May is a day that will be forever remembered in Gastón Sessa’s career. On that day, he played in Vélez’s Sarsfield goal. His team was playing a Copa Libertadores match against Boca Juniors. Punters can always make live sports betting with the 1xBet bookmaker, which features all Copa Libertadores matches.

In the 25th minute of the first half, Boca’s forward Rodrigo Palacio attempted to grab a long ball thrown by his teammate. However, it was an easy catch for Sessa. But things didn’t end there, because Palacio tried to press Sessa in order to get the ball before he caught it. While the keeper was in the air trying to catch a ball, he inexplicably and unnecessarily raised his right leg. His foot hit Palacio right on his forehead. Referee Héctor Baldassi didn’t have a doubt. He approached Sessa and showed him a straight red card.

Aftermath of the incident

Eventually, Vélez lost the match 3-0 and can be visited before the next game of this team begins. Sessa’s problems didn’t end with that stupid red card. He faced extra consequences after his action, such as:

  • he got a 4-match suspension in the Copa Libertadores;
  • Vélez sent him on a paid leave;
  • and a month after the incident, he was fired from the team.

Sessa’s career was never the same after that bizarre situation. While waiting for other inexplicable actions, you can try out the great 1xBet website and its games.