Factors to consider when choosing a university course


There are several factors to consider when choosing university course. You don’t just select a course simply because your friend succeeded after pursuing it, you might get disappointed after graduation. It’s very important to take your time, choose the right course because it will determine how far you’ll go in life.

  • Passion

Do you have passion for the course? You might enroll for a degree course then later realize that you don’t feel it, you don’t like the program, you are just forcing yourself into it.If you go ahead and pursue the program, you won’t enjoy the career afterwards. You MUST choose a university course which you have passion for.

  • Your capability

Don’t select a course which is hard to pursue. Know your capability, select a course that you’ll pursue with ease and passion.

For instance, if you are poor in Mathematics, don’t select Actuarial Science. Know your limits.

  • Universities offering the course you want to pursue

Even if you love a certain course but it’s not offered by the best universities, don’t rush to pursue it at any university. Most employers employ people from universities with good reputation.

First, come up with a list of good universities, then select a course from those universities.

  • Cost of studying the course

You might be limited in terms of finances but you want to pursue a particular course which is expensive. You have to give up on the course and select a cheap one, unless you are offered a scholarship.

  • Whether the course is marketable

A course which is marketable will open numerous opportunities for you. Do your own research to know how many graduates of that course are jobless. If you find that it’s marketable, proceed to pursue it.

  • Salary for the professionals in that industry

You might pursue a course then get a job which pays you peanuts. Always go for the high paying careers. Even if a course is good, if it won’t guarantee high pay in the job market, don’t pursue the program.

  • Whether it can lead to self-employment

The most important factor to consider when selecting a course is whether it can lead to self-employment. Sometimes you may get fired but if the course you pursued can help you set up a business and employ the skills you acquired in school and job market that’s a good course.

Don’t select a course that will only limit you to employment.