Why American Embassy in Kenya warned its Citizens against travelling to Kisumu during 2022 election period


The American Embassy in Kenya has warned its citizens against travelling to Kisumu during this year’s election period. The Embassy received intelligence reports that there might be election related chaos in Kisumu and its environs. The reports comes a day after the Kenyan government sent several police officers in molo,Kuresoi, Kericho,Bomet and Eldoret.

One of the reasons why there are warnings against travelling to Kisumu is because the US has offices in Mombasa, Nairobi and Kisumu only, they don’t have activities in Eldoret and other Rift Valley regions. This means that their citizens might be moving through Rift Valley to Kisumu. Rift Valley being a hotspot, moving through the region might be dangerous.

Another reason is that both Azimio and Kenya Kwanza are sure of winning this election. In case Raila loses, there will be violence in Kisumu. Since the government has not heightened security in the region, the US citizens might be caught in the violence.

Below is a statement from the American Embassy in Kenya: