Latest IEBC Presidential Result in Kenya Today as at 3pm


The latest IEBC result as at 3pm today is available .From the result,Raila is winning with a margin of more than 300,000 votes.In total, he has garnered 7,015,963 votes.He is closely followed by Ruto who has garnered 6,766,843 votes.

Below is the summary of the result:

RAILA ODINGA – 7,015,963 (50.13%)

WILLIAM RUTO – 6,766,843 (48.35%)


WAIHIGA MWAURE – 30,790 (0.22%)

Reporting 46,142 out of 46,229 stations.

Based on the submitted forms it’s impossible for DP Ruto to garner 50% of the total votes cast.The best he can get is 48.9%.

If the gap between Raila and Ruto is maintained,the former will become the 5th President of Kenya.