6 Important things that must happen before IEBC announces Presidential result


There are 6 main things IEBC must do before they announce the final result of the presidential tally.To know who has won the election, you should see who the police and state harass, that’s the opposition side.The winner is treated like a king.

Here are the 6 things that must be done before IEBC announced the winner:

1. Intelligence have to gather reports from IEBC and be informed of the winner.

2. They will analyze the report and hand it to the current president with possible effect how public will respond and security risk. The president will then inform all security agencies and put them on high alert.

3. They will inform winning candidate and deploy heavy security to protect the incoming president.

4. They will inform losing candidate and also deploy heavy security to watch his moves and take actions in a timely manner.

5. When all is set and president elect and his immediate family have been secured then IEBC will be allowed to update result and announce the winner.

6. Public will always be the last people to know when everything is put in place.