Final result for Kenyan presidential election 2022 by experienced data analysts showing Ruto winning first round


Several data analysts who sat for more than 4 days to analyze the presidential election for 2022 have finalized that DP Ruto is winning first round with a total of 7,122,482 votes against Raila who will garner 6,901,889 votes.Ruto’s votes represent 50.53% of the total votes cast.

Here is a report from the lead analyst:

“I spent the whole day yesterday inputting form 34Bs which show results per constituency for the presidential election. Not all the forms are uploaded and some of the uploaded forms don’t have the totals or aren’t properly scanned.

To deal with the above issue, I have also used Daily Nation’s tallies where form 34B results are unavailable or unusable because Nation has results by constituencies. When form 34B results were uploaded I have updated my tallies accordingly. I have realised the Daily Nation tallies were quite reliable.

Where none of these two methods was available I have used a smart estimate based on voter turnout and voting patterns in the county. The counties where I have had to estimate are quite few. Maybe less than 10.

It is unfortunate we don’t have 6 form 34Bs from Nairobi County but the Daily Nation had those tallies so this wouldn’t affect my findings in a significant way.

I have now collated the results for all the 290 constituencies plus prisons and diaspora. These are my final tallies;

TOTAL VOTES CAST:  14,184,409

REJECTED VOTES:             87,778

VALID VOTES:             14,096,631

VOTER TURNOUT:              64.2%

Candidates votes:

                            No. of Votes         Percent of valid votes

WILLIAM RUTO:  7,122,482               50.53%

RAILA ODINGA:  6,901,889               48.96%

WAJACKOYAH          59,461                0.42%

MWAURE:                31,278                 0.22%

I have undertaken this exercise with extreme diligence and care given how sensitive it is. However, I cannot guarantee the accuracy of these findings.

It can’t be overemphasized that only IEBC has the mandate to declare the winner.

However, all the relevant data is available for anyone to do their independent tallies. The media failed us but that doesn’t mean we also fail ourselves”