Kisii Governor Simba Arati has told each County Driver to stand next to the vehicle they drive to smoke out ghost workers


Today there will be drama in Kisii Town after Simba Arati discovered that there are over 150 ghost drivers which the former governor was paying.Arati has told each driver to stand next to the vehicle he is driving in order to know who the ghost worker is.

Every kisii county driver will stand next to the vehicle he drives today at Gusii stadium

Simba Arati found that the county had employed 256 drivers yet county vehicles are only 82

Most of the vehicles are not in working conditions but drivers are actively receiving pay

Instead of comprehensive insurance cover, vehicles are issued with Third insurance cover yet records shows that comprehensive covers have been issued

Some county staffs are keeping some county vehicles in their homes as private properties

The same 82 vehicles most are rotting in garages and others in people’s homes have been actively being “fuelled”

Shockingly, the county had employed 72 plant operators yet the county had purchased 4 with 3 of them not working due to its bad condition.

James Ongwae is shaking profusely after hearing what Arati is doing.The new governor has promised to jail those who are involving in swindling the County Government.