List of benefits and salary of a retired Kenyan president—here is the amount of money Uhuru willearn after retiring


Uhuru has officially retired as the 4th President of Kenya. Many citizens don’t know the benefits he will get even in retirement. Below is the salary he will be earning and the benefits even in retirement:

  1. Ksh1,115,000 monthly pension
  2. Ksh1.2 million per month lifetime salary
  3. Annual gratuity of over Ksh 72 million
  4. Ksh 216,563 entertainment allowance
  5. Four cars each coming with a driver
  6. Body guards and six security guards
  7. Full medical cover for him and his family
  8. Ksh332,063 House Allowance
  9. Ksh216,562 fuel allowance
  10. Ksh300,000 utility payment
  11. Staff for fully furnished office
  12. Two cooks
  13. Four housekeepers
  14. Four messengers
  15. Four secretaries
  16. Two laundry personnel

Uhuru is the only surviving retired president.