Shocking! Kisii men ranked as the best husband material in Kenya


Kisii men have been ranked as the best marriage partners in Kenya. According to a news report appearing in a leading weekly, Kisii men have traits that make them loving family partners and will do anything in the name of love even if it means killing.

A Kisii man, for example, will make it a point of building a house regardless of his financial strength. Part of the article read:

In Kisii, more than anywhere else in the world, a man’s worth is measured by the house he has built. And the family he raises in it. It is a matter of life and death. Presently, every man, be he a matatu conductor or a thieving government executive, can only build a permanent house. No any other community in this mediocre world puts a higher premium on home-ownership than the Abagusii. I suppose any woman wants this kind of security. Kisii men believe in the family institution to the point of fundamentalism. It is a typical Bantu ethic, more reinforced among the Abagusii. I bet, few Kisii men die as bachelors compared to men in other communities.

Men from the community have been accused of having a legendary temper, stinginess and are even said to be jealous and possessive. Women, the articles opines, should instead finds these characteristics flattering. Men are only jealous and possessive if they truly love a woman and if he doesn’t show those traits one should be worried.

A man from Kisii is also futuristic and will plan minute details of his children education to ensure that he gets the very best. The most literate tribe in Kenya is the Kisii.