Tom Ikonya who lost Ksh 700,000 after a woman kissed him in a bar(Photo)


Tom Ikonya is in tears after losing Ksh700,000 to a woman who kissed him in a bar.

Speaking in an interview with Nation Africa, Tom Ikonya said after losing the money he sank into depression and started having nightmares.

“I started having nightmares, I would see women chasing me in my dreams.” 

The condition caused his relatives to suggest that he visits a mental hospital. He ran away from his brother’s house and rented a single room in Ruiru since he had just received National Social Security Fund savings amounting to Ksh 50, 000.

Ikonya’s elder brother Mr John Kibui said that since the incident, his brother hardly trusts anyone. He does not show his relatives where he lives.

“Tell the world that I am alive and kicking…Tell women that I no longer have the desire to be kissed even though I have some little cash. I am no longer generous. I will never again let people drive me into poverty and self-pity.”

Last year, Tom Ikonya, 60, went to a bar in Maragua town to celebrate a successful sale after selling an asset for Ksh 700,000. He had intended to explore the town and establish a boiled meat business as his retirement plan.

When the bar closed at 10.30 pm, Tom intended to get a room at the premises but a woman kissed him and promised to host him and help him with ideas concerning his business.

Days later, he had exhausted his Sh700,000 and even borrowed Sh10, 000 to settle his bills.

police officers went after the woman after reading Mr Ikonya’s story. She, however, escaped. 

Tom Ikonya’s resolutions for the year is to quit alcohol and to give his life to Christ. He believes he will live long once he manages to change his ways.