Why China Square Mall is being closed this Sunday


China Square Mall is being closed this Sunday 26th February 2023.The mall, which has attracted thousands of clients since it was opened announced that they are closing to restructure and replan their company strategy.

In a Facebook post, the mall announced:

“We regret to announce that China Square Limited will be temporarily closed on Sunday ,26th February 2023.This decision has been made to allow us to re-evaluate and replan our company strategy, in order to better serve our customers”

Below is the letter in full:

Trade CS Moses Kuria had announced that the government is not going to allow the mall to compete with Nyamakima and Kamukunji Traders.It seems the decision by the Management of the mall was as a result of pressure from the government. It seems the government wants a stake in the mall.

Even as the management claims that the mall will be closed on Sunday only,the government might force it to close for a longer period.