20 cheapest guest houses in Nakuru


Are you looking for a cheap guest house in Nakuru? Well, we have a list of 20 best and cheapest guest houses in Nakuru where you will stay comfortably as you continue with your work.Here is the full list of cheapest guest houses in Nakuru:

  1. Claire De Lune Moonlight Hotel

This hotel has all types of rooms, from the standard to executives. It is located in Mburu Gichua road, Moonlight Building, Nakuru town. One bed prices per bed ranges from 2000 Kenyan shillings.

  • Nuru Palace Hotel

This is a modern day hotel and affordable to anybody who wants to rest for a night or stay for several days. It is located on Oginga, Odinga Avenue, Nakuru.

  • Kentania Hotels

It is located at Lanet Church road, Nakuru. The prices range from 1500 Kenyan shillings and above.

  • Buhara Zenoni Hotel and Resort

The prices range is 3000 Kenyan shillings one bed per night and above. It is located in the business district.

  • Marlin Guest Resort

It is located off General Kariba Street, opposite Deliverance Church Nakuru. One night stay with shower and bed provided is 1700 Kenyan shillings.

  • Royal Palm Hotel and Suites

This hotel offers guest houses at affordable prices from 2500 Kenyan shillings. It is located in Kenyatta Avenue, next to Tuskys Supermarket, Nakuru town.

  • Sleepway Cottages

The offer guest houses at 2500 shillings and above. It is located at Uhuru Street, near Afraha stadium, between Deliverance Church and Al Gadir Hospital, freehold estate, approximately 1km off Nakuru central business district.

  • Liaizons Hotel

It is located on Flamingo road, Nakuru. It offers guest houses from 3500 Kenyan shillings.

  • Coolmont Guest House

The prices for a night stay here is below 3000 Kenyan shillings. It is located in Nakuru.

  1. Joska Hotel

The guest houses per night prices range from 2500 Kenyan shillings and above. It is located at Pandit Nehru road, Nakuru.

  1. Choices Highway Lodge

It is situated in Nakuru town. Their price per night is below 3000 Kenya shillings.

  1. Hotel Citymax

With 3000 Kenyan shillings, one is able to have a bed and shower per one night. It is located on Freehold-Mashindano Street, Nakuru.

  1. Leopard View Hotel

It costs at least 3300 Kenyan shillings for a double bed and 1500 Kenyans shillings for a single bed one night.  It is located in 1km from Nakuru CBD.

  1. Cormorant Holiday Home

Their prices per night range from 2900 Kenyan shillings and above. It is located Nakuru near ABM holdings.

  1. The stem Hotel

It is located in a convenient place, commercial area along A104 road. This hotel offer guest houses at 3537 Kenyan shillings a night.

  1. Alpine Hotel Limited

It is situated in Kanu Street, Nakuru. One single bed a night costs 3,510 Kenyan shillings.

  1. New village Park Resort

With 3900 Kenyan shillings a night, you will be provided a room and a bed. It is situated in Kenyatta Avenue, Nakuru.

  1. Comfy Night Guest House

This guest house is situated at Enterprise Building, Nakuru. A single bed per night costs 3,251 Kenyan shillings.

  1. Hotel Marvin

It is situated on Kalewa road, Nakuru. A single bed a night is 3,770 Kenyan shillings.

  • Kaka Guest House

It is located in Mosque Road, Nakuru. A single bed a night is 3,900 Kenyan Shillings.