Airtel Kenya wifi packages


Airtel Kenya provides wifi services to its clients and Kenyans in general. The packages start from 3GB which cost Ksh 250 for 7 days.The most expensive package costs Ksh 3,000 for one month .

Below are the packages for Airtel Kenya wifi:

4G Pocket WiFi 3GB2503 GB7 Days
4G Pocket WiFi 6.5GB5006.5 GB30 Days
4G Pocket WiFi 18GB1,00018 GB30 Days
4G Pocket WiFi 40GB2,00040 GB30 Days
4G Pocket WiFi 70GB3,00070 GB30 Days


· High Speed- 4G: plug and play.

· Portable device with WiFi hotspot wherever you go.

· Enables multiple connections at a time (upto 10 devices).

· Powered by rechargable battery and used away from a power source.

· WPS button for easy WiFi connections

· Streams & Supports home phone, laptop, desktop and SmartTv

· Compatible with windows, Mac and Android

· Comes with Free 4G SIM card