Sanaipei Tande’s short dress showing thighs that is trending (Photos)


Kenyan singer Sanaipei Tande is trending for wearing a small dress which is showing thighs. The dress looked normal to some of us but majority of Kenyans, especially women, advised her to dress appropriately. She posted photos on Facebook while wearing the dress.

The whole of yesterday she was trending with women on the forefront to condemn her for not respecting her body.Below are some of the comments:

“Aging you. Change your lifestyle”

“I love her music, but please get a family, your skin has started swelling”

“My long time favorite artist. But naona ukiexit stage mama get a family”

“Sanaipei Tande is a classical problem of what our society is hailing from, the Oldee women seeing themselves as younger women, unajua vile huwa disgustinf kuona thighs za shosh hata unaeza pata laana ju ya kuona uchi wa mzee”

“Hata haoni miaka yake”

“Wueh enyewe time imeenda,ungekubali Maina ile time ungekuwa mdosi.Sai miaka imekataa”

“Kubali uzee, try be decent now. It’s shameful for a granny to show thighs. Hiyo achia teens and koinange runners”

Below is a list of photos she posted on social media: