Shocking photos from Club Valu Valu, see who owns the club


Club Valu Valu has been trending for the better part of the week because of the unique photos they shared on Facebook. The photographer captures the photos when his targets are not aware or when they are completely intoxicated. The photos are not even edited before being posted on social media.

Those in the pictures are created in unique ways, they truly belong where they are, Kakamega.

Saleh Shitandi is the owner of the club,he confesses that ever since his club started trending,he has received calls continuously. He has guest rooms in the club and all of them have been booked.

Shitanda has already started renovating the club to make it look modern and attract moneyed guys.Currently,he attracts low income earners who spend Ksh50 to Ksh1000.

Surprisingly, people are planning to travel all the way from Nairobi to Kakamega and have fun at the club.

Here are the trending photos of Valu Valu club Kakamega: