Signs that a Kenyan man will marry you


It’s almost difficult to know that a man will marry you. Dating for decades doesn’t necessarily mean that he will marry you, he will dump you and marry someone he has dated for 10 days. If you want to know that a Kenyan many will marry you, check out for these signs:

  • He will take you to visit his parents

It’s hard for a man to take you to his home to see parents. If he takes that bold steps, there are high chances that he takes you seriously—he might marry you.

  • If he takes you to his projects and involves you with his plans

If he shows you his projects, sends you to supervise and ensures you know all his investments, he is serious with you. Most Kenyan men hide their investments from girlfriends but when they are free with the girlfriends, they start showing them their investments. At this stage, the woman is sure that the man might marry her.

  • When he pays dowry

There is nothing that confirms that a man is serious to commit into marriage like paying dowry. If you see a woman paying dowry for you, he wants to marry you—be 100% certain that you are the one.

  • If he proposes to you

Proposing is one step towards marrying someone. If he proposes to you, he seriously wants to marry you. After proposal what follows is marriage.

  • If the man takes you to take care of his children while you are dating

A man who wants to marry you will take you to take care of his children in case the wife is not there. It’s upon you to have a good chemistry with his children. If you treat them well and they love you, he will not have any other option but to marry you. Such cases happen when the wife is not alive.

  • If he takes you to important meetings

A man who is ready to take you as his wife will take you to important meetings where he gives you a chance to talk.He will even introduce you as future wife.