Where is Raila Odinga?Is he in hospital


Many Kenyans are asking about Raila Odinga’s whereabouts. The Azimio leader has not appeared in public for 3 days, causing anxiety among his supporters. Some reports indicated that he is in Nairobi Hospital ICU, others claimed that he flew out of the country. But his close associates reveal that he is in Westlands and waiting for Friday to give instructions.

The opposition leader hired a room near the UN offices which are safe. The government know his whereabouts but they won’t interfere. Already they have been warned against the use of excessive force against opposition demonstrators.

On Friday Raila will appear and speak to the media.He went into hiding, using the 48 laws of power—the power of absence.He is also using propaganda to psych his supporters. One of the many propaganda stories is the abduction of his bodyguard. We can confirm that Raila is safe,not in hospital but in a private and secure room.