Babu Owino’s wife,Fridah Ongili begs government to allow her visit the husband to give him food and medicine


Babu Owino is detained in Wanguru police station, he was arrested on Tuesday night immediately after landing in JKIA from Mombasa. The Embakasi East Member of Parliament was accused of organizing demonstrations in Mombasa and Nairobi. After being arrested, he was secretly taken to Wanguru Police Station which is situated in Mwea…far away from his supporters.

Frdah Ongili,Babu’s wife went to see him in the police station but she was denied entry. She immediately invited the media and told them that she wasn’t allowed to deliver food and medicine to the husband.Fridah revealed that he takes medicine daily but since Tuesday he has not taken any medicine, which will impact negatively on his health.

The Kenyan government believes that Babu is among Raila’s right hand men, he is responsible for organizing demonstrations in Nairobi.

Babu Owino is poised to take over from Raila when the Enigma retires from active politics.