MARA CRYPTO WALLET is a scam, see the money Kenyans have lost


Kenyans have lost over Ksh 300 million to Mara Crypto Wallet, one of the scams in the country. The company had invited Kenyans to invest money through their website and earn millions overnight. One Kenyan who talked to us revealed that he deposited Ksh 200,000 in the account created at Mara and was promised Ksh 1 million within a week. He was expecting the money yesterday but when he tried to log into his account, he found the site not available.

 Mara Investment is like Public Likes which scammed Kenyans over Ksh 2 billion. These scams employ clever strategies. They make sure those invest early are paid so as to create confidence and attract more investors. When thousands have joined, they disappear with the deposits.

Mara Investment website was created in Kenya a couple of months ago. Kenyans who wanted to become overnight millionaires joined in droves. But all of them were warned. Today. They are in tears. The owners have disappeared and they won’t be traced.

In case you invested in the company, you should not hope for anything—just know that they have scammed you.