Why Willy Paul Was Arrested


Willy Paul was arrested yesterday 4/3/2024 from his house in Syokimau.Bwana Mkunaji was resting in his home when he heard the door being knocked hard. He screamed aloud and called friends that his house is under attack. The police who had arrived informed him that they are under instructions to arrest him.

Sources close to Willy Paul claim that he was arrested over cyber bullying. The case was against Diana Marua, the wife of Kelvin Bahati.But Willy Paul indicated in his social media page that he was arrested over hit and run case against another motorist.

The musician hit a yellow Mercedes Benz and destroyed its windscreen.

Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi reports:

“Willy Paul knocked someone over and the car suffered extensive damage including a broken windscreen. He was released on a 50k cash bail. ….here he is going to the garage”

In 2021 he was arrested for cyber bullying Diana Bahati.She had indicated that Diana was his girlfriend before Bahati married her. In the same year,Diana claimed that Willy Paul had raped her.The case has not been concluded.

Though there are claims that Willy Paul was arrested over the accident,we suspect it was engineered by Diana.One question you should ask yourself.If the case was not involving Diana,why Did Bahati visit the police cell where Willy Paul was held?