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How to know that a woman is cheating on you


There are many signs you will notice in a woman who is cheating on you. It’s obvious that a woman who isn’t cheating on you is often relaxed and ready to grow with you. However, if you suspect that he is cheating, here are the signs to look at:

  • She avoids eye contacts

A cheating woman will always avoid eye contact because she is afraid you will discover she has already cheated.

  • She starts disrespecting you

She will start being rude and disrespectful towards you because she has another person. She will even refuse to do tasks she used to perform.

  • She doesn’t want to leave her phone behind

The woman is always with her phone. When you find her with the phone looking at something, she will try to hide it.

  • You’ll see these 3 dreams

When a woman is cheating on you, there are 3 dreams you will see:

  1. You’ll see her holding flowers
  2. You will see her being surrounded by dogs
  3. You will see her naked
  4. She is not active in bed

During sex, she is cold and disinterested, sometimes she denies you the conjugal rights. There is no single day she asks for sex.

One red flag is when your woman doesn’t ask for sex. Where you can sleep like brother and sister for months yet she is just okay with that.

  • She gives you unreasonable demands

Cheating women will demand this and that. She will demand that you take her children to expensive school, she will demand that you move to a more expensive house. All she wants is to see you spending a lot of money and living in pain. Even if you don’t invest the money, she doesn’t care.

  • She will start accusing you of cheating

A cheating woman will do anything possible to ensure that she catches you with another woman. This way even if you catch her with a man, she will have an excuse.

If you find a woman so interested to know who you are cheating with, start investigating her.

  • She isn’t interested in your progress

When you tell her about your financial and general progress in life, she isn’t interested—her mind is elsewhere.

  • She will tell others your secrets

A woman who truly loves you won’t reveal your secrets and weaknesses to anyone. But once she is done with you, she will spill the beans.

  • She rarely tells you her plans and troubles

Instead of telling you her plans, she will tell the person she is cheating with.A cheating wife will stop confiding in you even if she has serious issues. She will instead keep quiet.

  • She invests alone

She will buy land without involving you, she will save money in secret accounts. You won’t know much of her investments.

  • She posts many photos of herself online

If she suddenly starts wearing tight clothes and posting her photos regularly online, there are high chances she is trying to impress someone.

  • If she keeps quiet when you do something wrong

If you wrong her then she keeps quiet, she doesn’t quarrel—-that woman doesn’t feel you anymore. A quiet woman is dangerous.