What Killed Rita Tinina


NTV Journalist Rita Tinina is dead. The journalist died in her Kileleshwa house. Preliminary investigations show that she died of Acute Pneumonia. She collapsed in the house and nobody was there to help her.Rita was found by her neighbours already dead.

A report has been made at Kileleshwa Police Station. Below is the report by the police on how she died:



OB: 20/17/03/2024 Time: 1430 hrs


It was reported today at about 1430hrs by one Helen Silau Njaga, c/o 071044xxxx, a Maasai female adult aged 58 years old, the eldest sister of the deceased, that today at about 1045hrs she received a phone call from one Robert Nagila, c/o 07000008xx, who is a colleague of the deceased, informing her that the deceased, Ntanina Yiapan, a Maasai female adult aged 46 years and a journalist who had been working with Nation Media Group, was found unconscious on her bed inside her bedroom in her house at Brooklyne apartments, house no. B6, which is situated along Laikipia Road, Kileleshwa Mr.:bj 549594, about 800m east of the police station. On arrival at the scene, the sister called in the assistance of emergency medical services whereby the paramedics confirmed that the body was already lifeless. Before death, the deceased was living with her 8 years old daughter namely Mia Malaika and a house help called Nelius Mwihaki Macharia c/o 07169337xx k/f/a aged 36 years old in the same house (.) she was suffering from epilepsy and had five days old severe fever, her health history which was given by the said sister. The scene was visited by stapol and duty officer Kileleshwa, Kilimani Q10, and it was processed by socc standby Nairobi. No physical injuries found on the body, which was moved to Umash morgue for preservation, awaiting autopsy. DCI Kilimani dealing.

Kileleshwa MCA Robert Alai has also issued a statement in regard to Tinina’s death. Below is the statement:

Rita has worked for NTV for more than 14 years.Until her death, she was a senior reporter.