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Modern Furniture owner, Gibson Murage Gitonga’s reaction to a lady who wanted to sell a sufuria to him


Modern Furniture owner Gibson Murage Gitonga has apologized over insensitive comment made on his page. A lady by the name Dolly Patron was requesting Murage to buy Non sticky sufuria.The admin of Murage responded rudely,calling the lady Koinange material.Kenyans didn’t take it lightly,they condemned Murage for his insensitive comment.Millions of Kenyans asked him to apologize.He had to bow to pressure.

Below is Murage’s apology:

“Dear Clients, Future Clients and friends of Modern Furniture Pacific.

Following the live session I Just did, I know some of you might not have had the chance to join in. Whatever I am going to write here is a public apology to one Dolly Parton and everyone who felt aggrieved by the comment that has attracted a lot of scrutiny of this brand. I need to state that my page is being run by other admins and moderators while I am in China, and I actually was unaware of the exchange till a close friend called me out through whats app call. I cannot justify a wrong since it is negatively affecting my brand and hence why I am offering this apology. The lady is free to contact me when I return from China and I will buy the non stick sufurias from her as we move past this. May you all find it in your hearts to extend this company grace as this was not intentional from my end. Going forward we shall have this issue discussed and addressed internally so that it never happens again. Thank you for your patronage in this page and God bless you. Mungu mbele”

The comment came as a blessing to Dolly Patron who has now garnered over 10,000 new followers.She has also received thousands of orders from Kenyans who sympathized with her.