Why Kenyans want President Ruto to appoint Matiangi


Kenyans are requesting President Ruto to appoint former CS Fred Matiangi to streamline the Ministry of Education. They claim that the education standards in the country have reduced to worrying levels and that the only person who can rescue the sinking ship is Matiangi.The former CS retired with President Kenyatta and he is living in his Kisii humble abode.

The sentiments by Kenyans follows a late circular by the Ministry of Education postponing the opening dates of schools. The circular was released at 1 am today, which was later as some of the children had started travelling. The school opening dates have been postponed from 29/4/2024 to 6th May 2024 due to flooding and impassable roads.

Fred Matiangi was the best performing CS during Uhuru Kenyatta’s era.He was so powerful that even the then DP William Ruto was almost reporting to him. But his exit was not a good one. Immediately he retired, there were rumours that he could be arrested,…but the government shelved the plans.

During the era of Ezekiel Machogu, the Ministry of Education has not performed to the expectations of Kenyans. It’s because of the constant disappointments that Kenyans are calling upon Ruto to consider Matiangi as a perfect replacement for Machogu.However, it’s highly unlikely that Ruto will heed to the request considering the strenuous relationship the two had during the previous government.