Welcome to Arena Breakout: A Beginner’s Guide


Diving into Arena Breakout can feel like stepping into an entirely new world. If you’re fresh out of the tutorial, the game’s complexities might seem daunting. It generally takes 5-10 hours to get a basic grip, and even after 70+ hours, there will still be new intricacies to uncover.

Core Gameplay

In Arena Breakout, your primary goal is to equip yourself with gear, eliminate enemies and bots, scavenge for loot, and escape the map before time runs out.

The items you collect can be used in future matches or sold for currency. However, if you die, you lose everything you’ve collected during that session.

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Realism and Mechanics

Arena Breakout prides itself on its realism. You must manage weight, hunger, thirst, stamina, and health. Carrying too much weight will deplete your stamina quickly, and if your character is hungry, they’ll tire faster when sprinting. This attention to detail makes the game more immersive but also more challenging.

Gun mechanics are equally realistic. Unlike other games where reloading is straightforward, in Arena Breakout, you need to manage your magazines carefully. If you reload a half-empty magazine, you’ll still have only those bullets left. Be mindful of your ammunition, and use the “Check Mag” button to gauge your remaining bullets.

Storage: Rigs vs. Backpacks

Your character has two main storage options: rigs and backpacks. Backpacks offer more space, but items in rigs are more accessible during gameplay. For example, grenades in your rig can be quickly thrown, whereas those in your backpack cannot. Reloading from your backpack also takes extra steps, so plan your loadout strategically.

Most inventory actions require confirmation via a button in the bottom left corner. Whether you’re swapping magazines, loading bullets, or attaching scopes, don’t forget to hit that confirm button. Holding down an item allows for quicker inspection, which is invaluable when checking the prices of various loot items.

Familiarize yourself with the quick-access keys to streamline your actions. Regularly organizing your inventory can also save precious time during intense moments.

Art of Looting

Looting is crucial in Arena Breakout. Maps are dotted with containers like gym bags, jackets, drawers, and safes. Each item has a value and weight, with purple items being good, gold items better, and orange/red items the most valuable. Be cautious while looting, as searching a container can take up to 20 seconds and leaves you vulnerable.

Covert Ops Mode

Arena Breakout offers two main modes: Tactical Ops and Covert Ops. Tactical Ops is the standard mode where you enter a match with your selected gear. Covert Ops, on the other hand, lets you play as a scavenger or “bot” with a free loadout.

You join the match later than regular players and can scavenge loot from bodies or buildings. Bots won’t attack you unless you attack them, making this mode a great way to warm up or gather gear without risk.

Loadouts and Health Management

Creating the right loadout is essential. Always bring a helmet, vest, rig, backpack, and headset. Headsets are optional but enhance audio, which is crucial in Arena Breakout. The game offers a variety of weapons, from assault rifles to pistols.

Managing your character’s health is vital. Damage can lead to broken limbs or bleeding, requiring medkits, bandages, and surgical kits. Painkillers can help you move faster even with injuries, making them useful before engaging enemies.

ProTips for Loadouts

Always check your meds before a raid. The game may provide partially used meds from your stash. Selling used meds and buying fresh ones is usually the best strategy. Additionally, stimulants, food, water, and energy drinks can provide temporary buffs and help manage hunger and thirst during long raids.

Don’t forget to bring a mix of short-term and long-term healing items to cover all possible situations. Keeping your loadout balanced ensures you’re prepared for both combat and survival scenarios.

Coping with Death

Dying in Arena Breakout is frustrating but not the end. If playing with teammates, they can retrieve your gear and return it to you. Items marked with an orange symbol belong to your teammates and can be returned to them if you extract successfully.

Remember to communicate with your team and plan your strategy to recover lost gear. Learning from each death will also help you improve your tactics and gameplay in future matches.

Missions and Rewards

Completing missions is crucial. Daily and weekly missions often offer better rewards than contact missions. Bundle coupons can provide essential gear, making it easier for new players to stay equipped.

Free rewards from season passes and events can also be a great help, although items marked as “Operation Supplies” need to be used and extracted before they can be sold.


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